Wholesale Viking Beard Care and Tattoo Aftercare

Long Live Amazing Beard & Tattoo Aftercare

Sometimes, you’ve gotta take the plunge and invade new shores for the next best thing. In the big bad world of wholesale, it can be tough to know what makes a product ‘right’. Let us save you the trouble — we’ve got the best tattoo aftercare and beard products right here. As far as grooming is concerned, we’re as chiseled as Alexander Skarsgård in The Northman. With fantastic products at amazing pricing, you’re onto a trove of hidden skincare treasure.

The Best In Barbershop And Wholesale Beard Care

The trust to trim a beard is hard-earned, so no one wants to be let down with average aftercare. Growing facial hair to rival the Gods of Valhalla means a skincare routine full of rich oils, cooling scents and hydrating ingredients. After all, the best Viking beards are the soft, silky smooth kind, right? Luscious locks run free with our incredible beard care — so grab a slice while you can. For just a small price, give the dream of Viking glory to your customers, without all the blood and war and stuff.

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Need Wholesale Tattoo Aftercare? No Problem.

A lifetime of art on your skin… it’s sexy, it’s cool, and it’s worth giving the best attention to. Earning a tidy profit and giving your clients the best in long-term care might sound like a pipe dream that’s sailing away on a wooden boat, but it can be your reality. With great pricing and profit margins on all of our items, the tattoos you slave over will heal more quickly than a Viking invasion. And probably more successfully, too.

Premium Products, Competitive Prices

Viking puns aside, it all comes down to the nitty gritty in the end, doesn’t it? Money. Offering your clients the best in personal aftercare is definitely something worth paying out for — yet with us, you never have to. We never scrimp on quality, always providing exactly the right product for any client’s needs. And at 60-70% profit margins*, you’ll be all the better for it too. So what are you waiting for? Try Valhalla and live the legend.

Don’t delay contact us today to learn more about our hand made Warrior Grade products! Made in Canada and in small batches! 

 * for large scale wholesale orders contact us for pricing.

"Download our Wholesale PDF here"

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