Get to know all our scents right here! 

Asgard's Nectar = Sandalwood Bourbon

is a woody, amber-moss and sweet spice aroma. A nice smooth scent that leaves you feeling fresh! Perfect for any gentleman and any occasion! Definitely a scent that is cheered and celebrated in Asgard!

Cnut the Great = Our Signature Blend

King Cnut deserves an empowering and distinguished scent to represent his greatness!  A surprisingly smooth yet sophisticated scent made with spicy tobacco, amber, cedar, fresh lavender, vanilla, cherry, black currant, with a little tart orange and lemon. This scent is very intriguing and a must have. 

Erik the Red = Cherry Tobacco

This scent is an authentic smooth tobacco with Cherry undertones. A comfortable and cool scent that delivers clouds of wonderfully fragrant smoke blended with ripe cherries. This fragrance is reminiscent of years gone by when pipe tobacco was made popular by Hollywood stars and aristocrats. 

Floki's Cedar = Cedarwood

Smell like a rugged Norse man who travels on longships! Cozy and comforting, woodsy and warm. This rustic scent has a nice balance of Cedarwood, Lavender, Tea Tree, Rosemary and Lime essential oils. To the edge of the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea...Smell the aroma on your longship that was crafted of Cedarwood.

This is an all natural product.

Ivar the Boneless = Scent Free (Boneless = Scentless)

No scent added! This is an all natural product.

Leif the Lucky = Our Signature Blend

Like every great explorer you need a refreshing scent to stay focused. Our Leif the Luck scent is a delightfully light and refreshing scent with a rich and luxurious aroma with hints of fresh marine, cedar, warm sandalwood, earthy patchouli, lavender, powdered bay rum and sweet floral fruits.

Loki's Havoc = Drakkar (Old Chaos scent) 

This is an amazing masculine scent of fresh marine and lavender top notes surrounded by warm woods of patchouli, cedarwood and moss with a warm sandalwood musk dry down.

Odin's Glory = Tobacco Vanilla

A surprisingly smooth, with sultry and seductive notes. It is extremely complex and rich... must try! This scent combines the scent of warm vanilla, a bit of smokiness and fresh pipe tobacco. 

Ragnar's Reckoning = Cognac and Cubans

Combines the earthy deliciousness of a well-aged Cognac with the forbidden, peppery aroma of a Havana Maduro, hand-rolled in the finest Connecticut-shade wrapper. It somehow manages to be extraordinarily complex, yet mellow. If you enjoy pairing a great Cognac with your favorite cigar, this is the one.

Thor's Hammer = Our Signature Blend

A woody, amber-moss and sweet spice aroma blends with a black currant with a tart orange, shaken with cognac for a beautiful, fine fragrance. A scent that is sophisticated yet manly, perfect for the Warrior in you!


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