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In Norse mythology Thor is one of the most distinguished and celebrated Viking warriors. He is the God of thunder and lightning, seen as a great protector and a honourable warrior. He was the epitome of which Vikings aspired to become. Thor’s bravery, loyalty and brute strength were unmatched deeming him the strongest of the Gods. 

Thor is known as the God of the storm, and thunder was perceived as the sound of his hammer “Mjolnir”, violently crashing down on his enemy. When a storm arose and Vikings heard the thunder and seen the lightning flashing, they knew that Thor was battling for them again. Along with his hammer, he has a belt of strength that when worn, doubles his strength.

Thor is the protector and defender of Asgard (the realm of the gods) and the Aesir gods, as well as Midgard (the world of humanity). The giants frequently attempted to ravage and destroy both of these realms and Thor was responsible for making sure they were not successful in this. He would smash the heads of the giants with his hammer, and when he cast it at an enemy it would return to his hands. Thor’s hammer has even been known to have been so powerful it could destroy mountains. 

The hammer was his most predominate weapon that was not only seen as a force of destruction, but also an instrument to grant blessings. It was believed to have protection against evil and violent forces. It would be used in different ceremonies to provide protection, and could put an end to destructive forces or elements. One example of this is with the goats that pull his chariot (Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr). It is believed that he would kill and eat the goats, afterwards gathering the bones and placing them together in their hides. He would then bless the goat hides with his hammer, which would allow the goats to return back to life just as healthy as they were before. 

Viking age people saw the hammer as an instrument of blessings and strength as well. They were often known to wear necklaces with hammer amulets to display the faith that they had in Thor.

Through Thor’s courage, strength and ability to protect we can see how the Vikings saw themselves and what they ultimately wanted to amount to. Modern day Warriors are still aspiring to be like Thor, as his legend continues to live on strong to this day.

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Inspired by Thor, the triumphant God and Warrior we created a Distinguished and Mighty scent for our Beard Care line called Thor's Hammer.  This scent has a woody, amber-moss and sweet spice aroma blends with a black currant with a tart orange, shaken with cognac for a beautiful, fine fragrance. A scent that is sophisticate yet manly, perfect for the Warrior in you!

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