A Message for The Modern Woman Warrior

A Message for The Modern Woman Warrior

The word “warrior” may bring to our minds the image of strong men who fought hard battles, especially back in the days of the Vikings – but we know another kind of warrior that can do so many things or more and deserves to be celebrated just the same way.

In Norse mythology, strong, powerful shield maidens were denizens of battle and fought alongside men, while their supernatural counterparts – Valkyries – were maidens sent by the god Odin to choose the slain who were worthy of Valhalla. They had mesmerizing beauty, incredible strength and courage, and appeared in many of the greatest Norse sagas. Whether out on the battlefield or caring for their families at home, the powerful Shield Maidens of the Viking era and today prove that women can achieve anything they set their minds to.

That is why we decided to expand our product line to help empower our modern-day women warriors - and we are excited to introduce to you our Valkyrie Edition line of products designed specifically to help women feel confident and look their best from the inside out. Inspired by Lagertha, one of the lead characters on the television show Vikings, our label design is a nod to her wooden teal shield and embodies her strength and power as inspiration for every woman. According to legend, Lagertha was a Viking shield maiden and ruler of the territory that is now Norway, and was once married to the famous Viking Ragnar Lodbrok.

We know that women fight many battles nowadays as they try to balance between being successful in their careers and life at home. We are confident our top-shelf skincare products in the Valkyrie Edition will help bring out each woman’s inner beauty and empower every modern-day woman warrior to shine unapologetically as they conquer their daily battles while making heads turn.

The first products in our Valkyrie natural skincare line are our nourishing Body Oil and our deeply hydrating Body Butter. We are also planning to add more products to the Valkyrie Edition line in the near future, including an oil cleanser, a toner, a facial serum, and essential oil rollers.

The Body Oil helps replenish the skin with moisture, keeping it soft, hydrated, and battle-ready. It has no parabens or synthetic components, making it the perfect way to keep skin looking healthy and young without added toxins. Just as shield maidens would mesmerize men with their beauty and courage, our body oil helps today’s shield maidens to nourish their skin so it can be a strong and healthy foundation for their beauty. With three amazing scents to choose from, every woman warrior will not want to leave for battle without using our Body Oil!

We are also excited to introduce our Body Butter Balm – for the shield maiden looking for more intense hydration all over her body. Our Body Butter Balm is not only great for all-over moisturizing but also can target areas with stubborn dry skin, helping replenish moisture and providing a protective barrier. We don’t use any toxic or synthetic compounds, because our modern-day shield maidens only deserve the best. Choose from three incredible scents and get ready to smell like a goddess.

In a world where most beauty brands make women feel like they are not enough, we are proud to empower women and help each one of them remember just how strong, powerful, and beautiful they have always been. Strong women have always populated the minds and imagination of men since the dawn of times when they were the right hand of god Odin himself. Today, women may be so busy that they forget to take care of themselves. The Valkyrie Edition skincare products are our way of celebrating every woman by helping them create the space and time for self-care with products that are clean, toxin-free, effective, and easy to use, with visible results after only a couple of uses.

So this is our message for the modern woman warrior of today – we see the brave and enchanting goddess within you. You are beautiful. You are strong and worthy. You may be fighting battles that nobody else sees. The Valkyrie Edition celebrates every one of you - and it is our goal to provide you with the skincare you need to conquer every battle you may face while looking and feeling like the goddess you are.

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