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Running your Barber Shop or Tattoo Shop has had it difficulties over the past couple years.  If you're looking at ways to start increasing your profits, start selling products in your store. You're leaving cash on the table by not offering products to your clients who trust you to sell them the best quality beard care or tattoo aftercare. Now is the time to start earning more profit!

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Barbershop Wholesale

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Tattoo Shop Wholesale

Clients entrust their Tattoo Artist to provide a lifetime of art on their skin. It's important for them to have quality products to aid in the healing process. Early care to tattooed skin is paramount to how tattoos will look in years to come. Provide your clients with quality products and start earning more profits. Buying wholesale tattoo products from us will help you save cash and earn more profits. We provide great pricing and profit margins on all items.

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Barbershop wholesale program