Why You Won't be the Next Hemingway

Why You Won't be the Next Hemingway

The moment you put on our Cognac and Cubans, you’ll be inspired to become the next Ernest Hemingway. Minus the two plane crashes. You can feel the accolades about to come your way as your fingers touch your keyboard, and just then your wife shouts, “Take out the trash!” You suddenly remember Freud once said a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke. You think someone with that mindset probably has relationship issues. The urge to start typing again goes away.

Mike L. from Ashland, Virginia is such a customer. He was on the verge of writing the next great American novel, when he was rudely interrupted. And now the world will never know.

Maybe you won’t be writing the next great American novel, but you can Live the Legend. When you do, please write and tell us about it.

Our Silver Label Cognac & Cubans combines the earthy deliciousness of a well-aged Cognac with the forbidden, peppery aroma of a Havana Maduro, hand-rolled in the finest Connecticut-shade wrapper. It somehow manages to be extraordinarily complex, yet mellow. If you enjoy pairing a great Cognac with your favorite cigar, this is the one.

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