Two Primitive (But Useful) Gmail Hacks

Two Primitive (But Useful) Gmail Hacks

You’ve probably tried it before. Journaling, a bullet journal, a diary; whatever you want to call it. You start out using an app on your phone, or you buy a pretty moleskin journal with the intent of writing something every day. And you do it for a little while only to fall off the wagon.

Let me share a tip with you I learned from twitter user Nicholas Dwork (@ndwork) Basically, send a gmail to yourself with the subject “What’s happening?” Write out your bullets for the first day, then click ‘Schedule send’. Make it show up whenever it’s most convenient for you. For me, that’s 8am. Then reply to that gmail and repeat using ‘Schedule send’. You’ll be a thousand times more likely to stick with it since replying to emails is a pretty ingrained habit for most of us.

I use it everyday to bullet journal my day. It’s been a lifesaver.

The other primitive hack I learned long ago from James Altucher. He simply uses gmail as a word processor. Open the gmail compose, write what you want, and save as a draft. It’s always there, and you can edit it wherever you are.

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