Future is So Bright in Any of These 3 Shades

Future is So Bright in Any of These 3 Shades

Life is a highway and you’re going to ride off into the sunset. Or maybe you’re just going to the corner convenience store for your favorite energy drink. Either way, I’ve got three great sunglasses that’ll make you look pretty cool no matter where you’re going. First up is the Classic RAY-BAN RB3025 Aviator shades. You don’t have to be Maverick in in Top Gun to rock these. They feature G-15 polarized lenses.


 Next, you have the American Optical Original Pilot sunglasses. We’re talking over 50 years of the right stuff. Pick from 52mm, 55mm or 57mm to ensure a fit that rocks your superstar face. You can roll with the optional polarized lenses if needed.


Finally, if you prefer a sportier look, check out the Oakley Holbrook Mix. These bad boys feature PRIZM black polarized lenses and use Oakley’s own HDPolarized tech to filter out those rays and provide precision viewing as you put that classic Ferrari through the paces along the hairpins on Pacific Coast Highway.

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