Forget the Golden Rule, Try the Platinum Rule Instead

Forget the Golden Rule, Try the Platinum Rule Instead

We’re all familiar with the Golden Rule, generally accepted as some form of “Treat others the way you’d want to be treated.” Seems like pretty sage advice on the surface. Dr. Alan Weiss turned this on its head. He says treat others the way THEY want to be treated. I call it the Platinum Rule.

This is next level mindset. I’ll paraphrase a story Dr. Weiss tells about it. When he was younger, Dr. Weiss worked at a place where the supervisor, whom I’ll call Bob Smith, was the only one in the group who wore a shirt and tie. The whole group got along pretty well and everyone was called by their first name. Even Bob. The young Alan Weiss took a different approach and referred to the supervisor as Mr. Smith.

This is how Bob Smith saw himself and wanted to be treated; with respect for his position. The young Alan Weiss noticed he started getting better assignments and more overtime work. Dr. Weiss posits this preference to treating Mr. Smith the way he wanted to be treated, which was NOT the way a young Alan Weiss wanted to be treated.

So give yourself an upgrade to the Platinum Rule and start enjoying the perks.

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