Celebrate Small Victories

Celebrate Small Victories

In a recent talk on Impact Theory, Caspar Craven mentioned using the "Theater of the Mind" to visualize your goals while pursuing them. He also spoke of the importance of celebrating small victories. At his company, Caspar rewarded those small victories with a chocolate bar. 

Interesting stuff; and it got me thinking. Without even realizing it, I'd been visualizing my Valhalla Legend Milsub watch in the theater of my mind. Not being able to afford a Rolex 6538 or 5513, (hell, make that any Rolex at this time) I had the idea to make my own homage watch. I could see it in my mind's eye. I would take design cues from both the 6538 "Bond" and the 5513 no-date Submariner. Valhalla emblazoned at the top. Legend in red. Automatic. Water Resistant. I could see the 316L stainless steel case, the oyster style bracelet. The single dome sapphire crystal. I'd turned if over many, many times in my mind before it finally became a reality. I'd even had a prototype with a sterile dial.

It was a similar experience creating the Valhalla Silver Label Beard oil and balm. Perhaps there is something to this visualization/guided imagery thing after all? Either way, I got a two for one. The Valhalla Legend Milsub is a small victory for me.   

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