Always Bet on Black

Always Bet on Black

The second you saw her walk in you knew. She wouldn’t look at you, but that didn’t matter. You had three things going for you; a beard, a stack of chips, and time.

The cocktail waitress had just brought you a bottle of your favorite beer. She forgot to take the top off. Careless. You reached in your pocket and pulled out your sleek new beard comb with bottle opener.

She still wasn’t looking at you.

As the bottle top popped off, she looked over; it didn’t matter. Black came up and you doubled your stack. You never looked back at her.

Always bet on black.


Go-Comb Matte Black "Bottle Opener" beard comb

 A beard comb is essential for evenly distributing your beard oil and helping sculpt your beard into place. The Go-Comb is sleek, lightweight and easy to clean. It is precision crafted from stainless steel and coated in a smooth matte black finish. It’ll fit perfectly into any wallet. Best of all, it was designed with care in Brooklyn. NY.

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