A Most Interesting Man Finds the Fountain of Youth

A Most Interesting Man Finds the Fountain of Youth

In 1789, a Baptist minister by the name of Elijah Craig aged some corn whiskey in a charred oak barrel and transformed fire water into what we now call Bourbon. But let’s not let historical facts get in the way of this ironic tale. Once you’ve put on our Sandalwood Bourbon though, you might confuse it with another legend, the Fountain of Youth. “That’s just a myth,” you say. “There is no such thing!” 

Or is there? I was taking respite at a rooftop bar in Barcelona one night when I overheard a pretty young woman ask a distinguished-looking gentleman, “What is that mesmerizing scent you’re wearing?” 

“It’s the Fountain of Youth, my dear.” he replied. I know it’s true because earlier in the evening I’d given him some Sandalwood Bourbon. I’d recognized the distinguished gentleman from his beard and a dozen or so beer commercials I’d seen him in.  Turns out he is quite interesting.

Our Sandalwood Bourbon is a delicate balance between sweet and woody scents. A creamy blend of caramel, honey and butterscotch; combined with earthy, rich and exotic wood tones. Our Silver Label Sandalwood Bourbon is a long-lasting bouquet comprised of all that’s good in this world. 

(Photo by Glenn Francis : CC-BY-SA-3.0)

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